The energy of January 31st

The energy so far this week has not been fun. I’ve literally spiraled into a deep dark hole not once but twice. This led to a lot of tears. I’ve had to ask my guides for help repeatedly as I also had to forgive myself and others for what was being dredged up to the surface.

There have been an awful lot of moments where I have felt squeezed. Where I’ve lost my patience. Where I’ve snapped. Where I can’t tolerate much of anything, especially if I’m doing something I don’t want to be doing. I’ve felt like I’ve short circuited and I’ve felt out of control where crystals are useless. Being outside helps especially walking but so does resting. I’ve also felt exhausted at the same time.

I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening until I woke up at 4 am with this little nugget of information…

Full Moons are a time of releasing what no longer serves us. A time to let go. So of course this is perfectly timed with the Full Moon where the energy this week feels a lot like we’re giving birth.

As each contraction approaches, we push through the pain, the baby gets a little closer to being delivered and then it clears for a moment until the next contraction hits. So we must rest in between.

Then at some point we will keep pushing until the baby is out and the cord is cut. Then we find out if it’s a boy or a girl. If the baby has all it’s fingers and toes. It’s at that moment we realize the enormous amount of unconditional love we have for this brand new baby. And in an instant, everything changes.

But in this case that baby is a very new beginning. This is the energy activity that I was watching for the 31st. This would make February, traditionally a month filled with love, a lot more interesting.

We are almost there …


Photo courtesy of Christian Bowen on Unsplash.

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  1. I feel all of this too sis, this is the first full moon since October that I’m really feeling is birthing us into something grand. Last night was big for me. It is in the forgiveness and letting go of what no longer serves where salvation is found.

    We got this 💗 Bring on the February love fest💗

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      1. Exactly!! I needed to get her where she needed to be and my guides kept urging me to go with it and forget my human timeline. So pleased that I did because BOY was that a big session for her and for me as a teacher. I feel much more settled. Now I feel a newness and a crispness in tbe air🌬

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