What to expect for January 25 – 31, 2021

I find it rather interesting that 7 cards fell out for the next 7 days. For the upcoming week here’s what the Tarot cards have to say…

  • 3 of Swords
  • Justice
  • 9 of Swords Reversed
  • The Tower
  • Ace of Pentacles Reversed
  • The Empress
  • 5 of Cups Reversed

No one likes to see the 3 of Swords especially the first card out but I feel this represents what many people are feeling around the globe right now. This is true heartbreak here yet it’s a healing card as well because we can recognize why we feel this way.

There is so much going on and I can’t help but think that what has happened here in the United States politically has effected so many people. Lots of people thought something was going to happen but it hasn’t transpired as anticipated. This can effect us on an emotional level. Swords represent our everyday struggles, obstacles and mental strength. First three cards all have swords in them.

So Justice will get served in some way that will bring about balance and fair decisions. Whether your heart is broken from the political arena or perhaps you’ve lost someone in some way on some level or there’s some other loss you’re going through…there will be a ruling or decision of some kind. And this can come out of left field because once again, we’ve got The Tower card. Expect the unexpected. The landscape is shifting all around us so things aren’t always as they seem. What you see may not be what you get.

Yet it seems like every week now we’ve got The Tower rippling through our lives in one way or another which has caused a delay in us getting our foundations and gardens started. But this week the loss is not as we imagined…the pain will subside. We’re no longer depressed. It’s no longer keeping us up at night. Why? Because we’ve learned something. We see something we hadn’t seen before. Our perspective has changed. We get hit with a bolt of lightning that brings about clarity and truth.

This enables us to facilitate healing of that loss because there are wonderful new opportunities presenting themselves. We stand on fertile ground. There’s abundance all around us. We’re going to be able to speak about how we feel if we’ve been struggling or at a loss for words.

Know that there is new energy coming in this week that will transition us into a more positive mindset. And perhaps that’s all this is…another shift in consciousness where there is more happiness and love available. I am watching the 31st for energetic activity so this could start to build up in the days ahead…say by Wednesday or Thursday. Also note the Full Moon on the 28th.

It’s going to be time to make some new plans as the feelings of sorrow, grief and pain gets transformed by what we learn. Which in turn makes way for some new beginnings. That’s how we’re heading into February though for some reason I wanted to say April. I’m telling you, I’ve been feeling like it’s spring already even though it’s a mere 21 degrees out as I write this.

So don’t worry if you’re feeling sad, stuck, depressed or just plain out of sorts this week. That is subject to change on a moments notice. But know that your garden will grow, the delay was necessary because we had to wait for The Empress to show up…in other words…it was all about timing. 222 – right time right place. Whatever seeds you have planted in the last few years, are starting to breathe life now.

Three lessons this week… Justice, The Tower and The Empress. That’s some pretty powerful stuff right there. Decisions will be made, change will occur and the start of prosperity will begin.

Have a great week everyone!! 🌱💖🌟🌻🤗

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  1. You feeling it’s springtime already is due to the rebirth and new beginnings many of us are experiencing. I pulled afew of these cards too in tbe last 2 days while Lincoln is back in Dallas and I’m enjoying some quiet down time once more. The Tower specifically stands out because I feel as with the swords can go either way depending on the choices we make and the speed at which we acknowledge and integrate the lessons the Universe is constatrying to teach us. This past week has been amazingly validating for me in where my life is heading. Today when I pulled the #4 Authority card, I was reminded that in order to be a leader I must adhere to my Divine male energy and heed the advice from father figures in my life. I immediately think of both my Dad, today marks 2 months since his passing, and of Lincoln’s presence in my life. Both are wise and both are examples of loyalty and unconditional love. I am so blessed to have these energies supporting me.
    I must say, the accuracy of which your reads pull out some amazing collective magic ✨ I can see such a progression in them from the summer. You are exuding such confidence and mastery. I love it and love you sister🙌🌠💛🤗

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    1. Yes!!! Those new beginnings are slowly starting to take shape. I can so relate to that balancing act of the male energy too. Thank you for noticing how much I’ve progressed in my readings. I can actually feel that “magic” when I read now. It’s like I start with each card and things just unravel out of my head as I get going with it. It’s just pretty cool to be part of this. And I’m so glad I have a sister like you. Enjoy your down time!! Thanks for always being here and supporting me! Your kind and loving words help keep me going!! You are the best!! Love you,!! 💖✨🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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