The process of self-discovery

While I was sleeping, I kept dreaming about water. The oceans water kept coming in wherever I was. Water often represents the emotional side of things. What’s showing up for us can be causing emotional upheaval as we clear out and heal from what’s no longer serving us.

For me it came in like a thud. I was sitting in a nice warm bath and a thought crossed my mind that literally had me looking at something that I apparently was trying to avoid. And it just hit me like a ton of bricks.

I’m not one to say that this process is easy and I won’t hide the fact that I go through what everyone else does. I too have been angry, upset, cried uncontrollably and yelled at the Universe for putting me through this. The truth isn’t always easy to see. At times it can be really hard. But the good news is that we can clear it a lot faster as long as we move through it. Simply feel the feelings and then let it go.

The whole process of self-discovery is not an easy road and anyone that tells you that it is likely isn’t being upfront about the reality of it all. Sometimes we have to step on shards of glass in order to see the rainbow. We have to rip ourselves wide open in order to see to our core.

There are so many things that we’ve hidden from ourselves because we haven’t wanted to deal with it. We haven’t liked an aspect about ourselves so we squash it instead thinking it’ll just go away. But it doesn’t. And the more we try to force these things back inside, the more skeletons we keep in the closet…the more likely we are to spit out bones rather unexpectedly.

We must remember that this process is not here to hurt us, it’s to help us heal our hearts, our minds and our souls. It’s to remind us who we are at our core. Even though it often doesn’t feel that way. If we didn’t feel the pain and suffering of what our illusions were doing to us, we wouldn’t be able to see the truth.

The truth…is where our light is, where our true purpose is, where the love is. So while we must face our darkness in whatever way is right for us, we know that these steps are necessary in the grand scheme of things. For as we surrender to our truths, we eventually become whole, complete and healed within ourselves. It is then that we realize that we had to do it this way to ensure our success.

Photo courtesy of Pete Linforth, The Digital Artist, on Pixabay.

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