What to Expect for January 18 – 24, 2021

I feel like this is going to be a very fast week and we are likely going to be busy working on ourselves a lot more.

Once again I’m using the Queen of the Moon Oracle deck…I just love these cards.

Right off the top we get Queen of the Moon – SOVEREIGNTY.

Is she holding the Moon or is it the Earth? Perhaps it’s a bit of both. This card tells us that we have free reign to chose from in our lives. We are in charge of taking our light and using it for good. We are in charge of how connected we want to be. Do we want to reach those around us? Or do we want to connect to the cosmos? To our higher purpose?

We must remember that we are very powerful within ourselves and we are the only ones in charge of our responsibilities and choices. We get to decide, we get to choose, we get to say that, “These are my rules…take it or leave it”.

I also feel as though this has a lot to do with knowing how powerful we are in terms of the gifts that have been bestowed upon us. We have the power to light up the Universe. We can see clearly with our third eye chakra. We are being divinely guided so that we can continue to be in our purpose and show the world that we are leaders but we must also have boundaries and protection in place.

Once again we’ve got the Blue Moon – THE UNEXPECTED card. It feels as though what’s happening now is highly relevant to our new roles. When we realize how powerful we truly are (SOVEREIGNTY), we are then open conduits for these new light strands coming in. These downloads that we are receiving at this time can bring about unexpected changes for us that can make us vibrate at much higher frequencies than we are right now.

There’s a new lens that we’ll be seeing through. A new path that is full of creative energy for us. Perhaps we will enter another portal in the days ahead. It could be the opening we’ve been waiting for. It could be highly rewarding…even if it’s simply a new idea. The Unexpected can deliver almost anything but the one thing that remains constant is it always delivers the truth. That’s what can turn the tide around.

But we must also be cognizant of our BOUNDARIES. It’s great to have boundaries but be mindful to not live inside a bubble either. Get super familiar with what your needs are and set your boundaries accordingly… especially around other people.

It is definitely important that we not allow negativity and chaos into our lives. That may mean shutting off the TV, unplugging from electronic devices and simply detaching from those that may be toxic to us. But what we don’t want to have are too many boundaries as we may miss out on something good. As we can see by the flower trying to penetrate the bubble by having to literally smash through it.

Learn when to say no or yes. But also let’s take a look at our energetic boundaries. Now is the perfect time to cut cords as I feel some people are being held back because these cords are getting in the way. Try my latest cord cutting ritual or any of the previous ones I’ve listed. It’s also important to cleanse your auric field and smudge your space. I feel that the energetic boundaries are really important this week so by all means do what you need to in order to get grounded. Meditate, focus on self-care and rest when you’re tired.

But also TRUST. And interestingly enough the woman in this card is even more closed off. And that’s the takeaway message this week. It’s okay to have boundaries but at some point we’ve got to trust in the process. We’ve got to trust that their is a much higher plan in place. We’ve got to know that it’s safe to break out of our bubbles. We can no longer hide…because that’s really what the bubble is about. We are hiding ourselves for fear of getting hurt. We are fully exposed and vulnerable without our bubble and sure it can feel highly intimidating.

We have to know that we matter. That what we need matters. We can’t keep playing it safe or small anymore. We need to break free so that we can become sovereign again. We must trust ourselves because as we do, we become more confident and life begins to flow again.

In summary

So this week it’s time to get out of the bubble. It’s time to trust that we are worthy and that we can do this. It’s time to allow new opportunities in as we release our grip a bit. We simply can’t control everything so we must trust that we’re being taken care of.

From there, these cards appear to be a little backwards, but that’s ok the message is the same. Although it could be that we start off the week feeling great and being in our power and then suddenly something unexpected pops up and it may cause us to retreat because we’re afraid of what we just learned.

That information may shock us into shutting down because we feel exposed. Again, we really need to TRUST in a higher power and know that we are being watched over. This is not the time to try to hide. It’s a time to take a stand and claim our SOVEREIGNTY. Because things are changing and it’s time for the new to take over.

We simply can no longer live in fear anymore. We must take what we learn and process it all while continuing to be a light on this planet. So take back your power, stand your ground and be a shining example for the newbies coming online. They need us now more than ever.

And by all means, come back here and reach out if you’re having trouble. We are all here together to help each other get through the rough patches. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and MeWe.

Have a great week!! 💖🙏🤗🌟

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  1. Trust. Boundaries and letting go of fear. All of this is a grand reminder to believe in myself. I have laid the groundwork and as long as I can keep my heart open, not allow fear to hold me back, I will be successful. This is a telling week for sure, you know what I mean😉
    Love you sister❤

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