Signs for the rest of January

I love it when I go out for my walks and they turn out to be very productive.

I started off going in my usual direction when I was suddenly guided to walk a different route and now I completely understand why. I had to encounter these signs to pass along. Signs that confirm that the new comes with some sort of unexpected shakeup.

In the Tarot, the Tower card says that you can’t plan for what’s coming as that bolt of lightning comes out of nowhere so expect the unexpected. Expect a shift of some sort. Expect a change in perspective, etc.

This is also in line with what I wrote for the What to Expect for January 18-24, 2021 where I also pulled “The Unexpected” card. It’s getting really interesting now. Something big is about to shift for us…the signs are literally everywhere.

Dates I’m watching for energetic activity are 1/19…and originally I had said 1/23 but I keep being drawn to 1/21, 1/22, 1/23 and 1/31. It’ll be interesting to see if the “unexpected” happens on one of these dates.

Regardless, these stuck out as key dates where we may learn some truth about ourselves, our journey or on a grander scale…these are really “tower” type moments. We may receive new ideas, insights or obtain new perspectives around something or someone. This can also be a time where we are rewarded in some way too. We may manifest something we’ve wanted but didn’t think we’d get…another potential “tower” moment.🙏💗

It’s definitely a good time to have a notebook handy. Can’t wait to see how this unravels.🌞💜

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