What to Expect for December 7-14, 2020

Here are the Tarot cards for the week of December 7-14th:

  • The Devil Reversed
  • 9 of Swords Reversed
  • 2 of Cups
  • Page of Pentacles

Last week we were forging ahead in new directions. We started to follow our hearts based on how we felt. Because of that we are starting this week by breaking free from the chains that bind us. We are stepping away from our fears. We are no longer allowing the negative thoughts in our head to hold us back. We are saying, “Enough is enough…time to let it go.”

The Devil Reversed is a card of empowerment because we are literally taking back our power by letting go of the things that kept us bound up and shackled. We are letting go of things that no longer serve us. Things that kept us awake at night. Things that made us feel depressed. Therefore, there is hope again.

We are releasing ourselves from old beliefs as we step into our truth. And because of that there is a new dialogue taking place within ourselves and with others. We may find ourselves connecting to someone in a brand new way…from the heart. We may develop a new friendship or partnership that will grow into something wonderful over the days, weeks and months ahead (could be loving, business or both).

We are also in an accelerated time of healing as well. This week…we’ve won! Our efforts are really starting to pay off as we release all that doesn’t serve us and move into relationships that are about balance and bring out the best in us.

We are really starting to survey the land knowing that we can truly manifest what we want. That we can surmount any challenges going forward. We are ready to step up to the next phase of our lives.

The dates I’m watching this week for energetic activity are the 7th, 9th, 12th and 14th. I’ve been noticing that we are having downloads about every other day now. These are about what’s happening in our own lives. It could be our next step or it may reveal something that was hidden. We are really starting to connect the dots.

We’ve also got the 12/12 portal and a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th…which is why I’m really watching those dates for much bigger activity.

If you want to work with a crystal this week, I suggest working with rose quartz. It will help open up the heart chakra. This stone is often used for unconditional love as it helps you to have compassion and understanding.

Enjoy this wonderful new loving energy that has shown up for December. ❤️

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