Putting a foundation in place

At this time, many of us are laying the foundations to support our new endeavors. We must have a solid structure in order to proceed forward.

Think of it as the bed that you sleep in. For the longest time I have had a mattress sit directly on my bedframe. But I’ve noticed it does not support my back so I wake up with all sorts of pain.

My first thought was to get some plywood but it would’ve come in two pieces and I just didn’t think it was the right fit. Then I tried a bunkie board, which is really just slats of wood, and it made things worse so I returned it.

Yesterday I happened to find a low profile box spring to put my mattress on. Normally they are simply made of wood but this one also had metal bars in addition to the wood. This makes for a much stronger support system and I didn’t wake up in so much pain.

As we put foundations down for our new beginnings, we will start to notice the synchronicities for our next steps. But keep an open mind as to how things need to happen or else we’ll get stuck in place.

Also, I just had this dream where I opened a door to some unknown person and allowed him inside, even though I had an uneasy feeling about it. Turns out he tried to steal money from me and my family. Which I ended up having it all on video so he could be prosecuted.

The moral of the story is to be careful who you allow into your life as not everyone is of the light. You must gage how you feel, use your intuition or your Spidey senses to do an energy check first. If it feels wrong then it is.

Setting foundations means we need a sturdy structure that can support us going forward so that we don’t have cracks that need filling later on. We need to make sure it’s solid so that it can’t crumble and cause us misery and pain…so we can rest easily and comfortably. This is not a long process but it is something we need to be aware of especially if it feels like nothing is happening in our space right now. Once it’s completed we will move forward in our new directions.

Photo courtesy of Charles Deluvio on Unsplash.

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