Relationship shakeups

One of the things that is having an immediate response from the portal we just went through is relationships…especially toxic ones.

There’s a lot of shifting happening now in the form of break ups…especially from those that you tried to walk away from previously but couldn’t. You may suddenly have the courage to leave for good. The reason is that the portal had severed those ties as the cords were cut at deeper levels so you’re finally free to move on to something better.

Any karma that was in place has now ended. This is also why you’re seeing a lot of movement in this area. Karma between two people is based on various lessons. It used to be that you both had to get the lesson before parting ways. If one got it and the other one didn’t you’d be stuck until they did…or until it was the right time for it to end.

Many of these karmic contracts were in place a lot longer than anticipated as the Universe needed everyone in basically a holding pattern because of the overall plan. And that’s because you were holding a steady light where you were. That light was required as part of the mission.

But now, the portal that we went through on August 31st has become the official ending of that timeline. The plan is moving forward in new directions now which is creating big movements in relationships.

So not only are people breaking up, they are also finding new partners rather suddenly. These people are aligned with your journey ahead as our roles going forward do not involve karma.

Now it’s possible that you finally meet someone that can love you in a healthy way instead of a toxic way. You may meet your kindred spirit…someone that you don’t need to heal. Someone that doesn’t come with lessons or karma attached. Someone that can walk along with you and share your lives together in unison and love. Perhaps someone you can finally connect with on a whole new level…more on these new relationships coming up.

The point is that the relationship landscape is changing rather suddenly this month. So if you’ve tried to walk away from someone but couldn’t, you will now find it easy to do so. If you’ve been without a relationship for a very long time, you will now meet someone to love from the heart in a new way as now it’s all about connecting on a deeper more meaningful level.

This is truly a major turning point in our lives and for the overall plan. This is why the theme this month is about “love”. Love has the power to change things in an instant. It can soften and heal so much. Think about this…the amount of people moving into healthy loving relationships now. Think about the power of love and the effects it will have ricocheting outwards around the globe. It’s happening and its all in perfect and divine timing. 💞💗

Photo courtesy of Ylanite Koppens on Pixabay.

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  1. This is playing out in my world day by day. In the past 15 months, I’ve healed and aligned myself in every aspect of my life. Certain family members aren’t a part of this alignment and are repuldive to me and I to them. It’s challenging for me because I live with them yet I know this is only temporary and once it’s over I can rid myself of their toxic poisoning for good. I’m so relieved really to be free from the drain and the hold these people had over me my entire life. I see them gor who they are, what purpose I served within the dynamic and all is over. When I read your posts lately, I feel a tremendous amount of reassurance and validation that I’m heading in a much more positive direction. Thank you for articulating this situation my friend, it’s important and really lovely❤

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    1. You’re welcome!! It appears I’ve done my job then ☺️🤗 I’m so glad you’re able to see the roles that everyone in your life has played. They were very important to your growth and evolution. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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