What to expect for September 2020

Before I jump into what the Tarot cards have to say, let’s review the month of August. First, there was definitely a “break from the chains” that bind you. There was a defining moment where something was completely released and disconnected from our beings. It allowed us to see something in a new light.

Having said that, there was also a new energy vibration that came trickling in…the energy of love. Love is now making its way through our lives on various levels, if even momentarily.

We ended the month walking through a portal that is altering the roles we’ve held on the Ascension timeline. This truly is the end of a cycle and perhaps for many, the end of karma. As with any ending, a new beginning starts up only this time… we’re free of the chains that have kept us bound to people, places and situations that have outgrown our energy and our light.

The Cards

Let me just say that the Tarot deck was a little busy throwing cards at me so we’ve got a bit of ground to cover. I’m not going to go through the meaning of each card this month and just get right to the message that needs to be delivered. So let’s begin…

6 of Wands
Queen of Cups Reversed
Queen of Pentacles Reversed
The Sun
9 of Swords Reversed
6 of Wands Reversed
9 of Wands
The Magician Reversed
2 of Swords Reversed

The Message

Can I just say that I had all of this month’s information typed out and ready to go on Sunday. But as I always do, I slept on it first. When I woke up, it suddenly didn’t resonate with me. So I pulled out the same cards and reviewed them. This time, I saw something completely different. And funny, that’s how things will turn out this month. You may see things as one way, but then you’ll suddenly see it in a new light.

Right away you can expect to receive a gift or a blessing…something that is rightfully yours yet it is a gift that has significant value. Know that it’ll happen effortlessly, no need to go searching for it as it’ll simply show up. And it’ll bring you peace of mind and contentment.

New beginnings are afoot as there’s nothing left to hide. Your ideas are taking shape but you may be tired and wary from the fight, yet your metaphorical garden is in fact growing and producing great results. Sunflowers anyone?🌻 So there’s definite movement towards these new beginnings.

It’s highly likely that you’re feeling a bit disconnected from your heart and you may feel overly emotional for a while too. This is likely due to the cord cutting that has taken place as we exit our old missions and enter our new roles.

While you’re likely sleeping better and feeling less anxious, you’ve learned that there’s nothing to worry about. The fog has lifted and you feel lighter. Yet you still don’t realize that you hold the key, that you have all the tools and skills necessary to succeed. Perhaps you haven’t realized your full potential yet. It’s a good time to work on your solar plexus chakra so that you can take back your power and be creative again. Working with yellow or citrine crystals is helpful.

It’s also time to reconnect to your true self. Ask the important questions…Who are you? What makes you…you? It’s very important that you get outside in nature and reconnect with the Earth. Try walking barefoot in the grass, gardening or finding a quiet spot outside to sit and contemplate about who you are. Start listening to your intuition again.

I do see there’s a little bit of a delay in your ability to make a decision as you need some time to reflect on your next step. But that’s because it needs to be fueled with love. September needs you to be strong and courageous. If you see through the eyes of love, you’ll be able to see that you can purr like a kitten instead of roaring like the lion. In other words, you don’t have to roar to get your message across.

There’s definitely mental clarity happening too. But the true gift is the ability to assimilate and process love through the layers. You’ll finally have the confidence to make a decision around the New Moon 🌝. Now you can take action as things begin to move quickly.

It’s also crystal clear to me that the energy vibration of love will play a very important factor during this month too as the seed was planted in August. This can have you seeing your life in a brand new way. Love will win every time and you will begin to see more of that love shining through you.

©2020 Dorrina Russell

Signs that love is creeping in…you begin to notice hearts everywhere you look. I saw a heart shaped puddle or saw the trees were bent in the shape of a heart. You see people holding hands and think how nice that is. You see kindness and compassion in more ways. You forgive more easily…etc.

Love has the absolute power to change things in an instant. Once you’re in that love vibration and your body begins to resonate with it on a daily basis, you start to open up the door to more opportunities that are aligned with your love vibe. This is especially great news for those that are working towards healthy, loving relationships with a kindred spirit.

Perhaps that’s the gift that you receive this month – the gift of bringing love into your heart, mind, body and soul. That IS a very valuable gift. 💞

Animal Totem

Photo courtesy of Gwen Bailey on Pixabay

This month’s animal totem is the Wren. Based on my experience, the Wren is one of those birds that you often hear but don’t ever see. Yet for the last couple of nights I’ve had the pleasure of listening to this bird. Oddly enough, just before I sat down to rewrite this whole article, the Wren showed itself to me outside my window. A crystal clear sign that this bird is my messenger this month.

If this bird only comes to you when you allow yourself to see it…this would mean that love will come to you when you are ready to allow it in. And that’s pretty much the message of September…

“When the Wren appears before you it is telling you to accept the things that cannot be changed, change and adapt to the changes as they happen, see the good before the bad and be ready for new beginnings. The Wren will only bring change when you are ready and he has appeared to let you know of the changes coming your way.”

Dates to watch:

September 4, 9, 11, 19, 22-23, 28

Full Moon is on the 2nd
New Moon is on the 17th
Fall Equinox is on the 22nd

On or around these dates you can expect your truth to bubble up to the surface. You may also notice other people’s truths and truths from out in the world.

Your truth has to do with your current reality. It can be about something you’ve hidden from yourself. It can be something you haven’t thought about in a long time. It could be something from your childhood or even a past life.

These dates can be about light pouring in from the Universe, astrological activity and more. Simply pay attention to what’s coming up for you around these dates because it’s significant for your journey.

These dates can also reward you in some way. Perhaps you get a new idea, start a project, meet someone new, etc.

As always I will be posting updates throughout the month. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and MeWe.

Have a love filled month!! 💗

Copyright © 2020 Dorrina Russell and missdorrina.com. All rights reserved. You are welcome to share this content with others as you feel guided to do so. All that is asked is that you keep the integrity of this article in tact by including the author’s name and a working link back to the original source of this website.


  1. All of this is so powerfully positive and 100% how I feel❤ I know this is the month my partner and I will finally be reunited and be able to say our vows yo one another❤ as I’ve been telling you in the last few posts, this time feels effortless and thankfully, I’ve been sleeping much more soundly. What an exciting time❤❤❤ let the love flow through us all🌎

    Liked by 1 person

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