Self-care for the week of August 31st

This morning I was drawn to The Sacred Self-Care Oracle deck by Jill Pyle (review coming soon). As we close out August and head into September, it is important that we choose ourselves first.

I was also told late last night that the portal is closing so these cards are highly appropriate for the coming week. I should also have my “What to Expect in September” posted later today.

ABUNDANCE PLANNING – traditionally this card says that it’s time to take a look at your budget and see how you’re spending your money. Do you need to create more income? Do you need to start saving? Do you need to spend less money?

But what I felt with this card was that you need to write down what you want for abundance so that you can plan for it, create it and manifest it. If it’s more income then write that down. But what about healthy and loving relationships? How about your passion and your purpose? Perhaps it’s a new home. So many things equal abundance. It’s the “cup runneth over”. What does abundance look like to you? Write that all down…it’s time to make it real.

SOAK IN A BATH – this card is pretty clear, it’s time to connect with the natural element of water. You can add Epsom salt for magnesium and essential oils like lavender to help bring a sense of calm. Allow the water to cleanse your energy fields like your aura and your chakras. Picture the water filled with white light…or whatever color rises up for you.

If you can’t soak in a bathtub, there are lakes and the ocean…both highly effective.

CHANTING – this is about connecting your voice to your body. It’s a lot like meditation only you can chant words or phrases like “Om”. It’s a way to quiet the mind and connect to your heart and soul. It’s about instilling peace at a deeper level. This is especially helpful for those that need to use or find their voice.

TAKE A WALK – being outside in nature is a great way to ground your energy and connect with not only yourself but your guides and Angels as well. It helps you to focus on the here and now and what is. Perhaps you can find a spot where you can simply listen to the sounds of Mother Nature. Is there an animal or bird trying to snag your attention?

Walking gets the body moving which brings in healthy oxygen. It helps to clear the mind and connect with the Earth. It has a natural way of bringing clarity and insight that you don’t normally get from being inside.

Taking care of yourself is a necessity and you can no longer put it off. You can try all of these self-care tips or choose the one that you resonate the most with. Either way, it’s important to nourish your body, mind, heart and soul and taking care of yourself is the only way to achieve it.

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