New Moon Tarot Card

As I was writing in my Tarot journal, I decided to pull a card for the New Moon which is on the 18th but we are in the energy of it now.

But first let me say that on Saturday, there was a significant shift that took place where many people broke free from certain restrictions in their lives. So this New Moon is highly significant with moving forward.

Here’s the card that came up:

THE CHARIOT – notice the stars and the two New Moons…one on each shoulder? Funny! 😁

Take notice of the star on his head as this is part of his crown. It’s showing that he’s well protected by the Universe. His wand is also lit up. He is determined and focused which you can tell by the way he stands.

This card is about balance, ying and yang. And if you notice the shields and protection he’s wearing then you can see that he’s come through this time rather successfully.

The yellow in this card really stands out and I connect it to the solar plexus chakra. That’s where your power to make choices and decisions is located. If you’re ever feeling unbalanced or stuck, look to this chakra for healing.

This is also where you take back your power, where you take back control of your life. This is where your confidence and your independence is located. It’s where you’re focused on achieving a certain positive outcome. And you have the will, perseverance and inner strength to follow through.

All of this is rather appropriate for our New Moon which ushers in new beginnings. So whatever direction you have decided to take on your journey, you have what it takes to succeed.

This may have very well been a difficult lesson to learn, but you learned it. And now you’re in control of your life. So what will you do with it? What steps are you taking that helps you to move forward in your life? Because as you’ve likely learned, waiting for something to happen keeps you stuck. Taking action gets things moving and life begins to flow again as if by magick.

Up next, I am watching August 31st as a day where there’s a massive shift in our awareness…so stay tuned for that. Looks like the second half of August is going to be very busy…are you ready??

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      1. I sure am😊 I just pop on every once in awhile to read and comment but I myself haven’t written in a week. I just went to Dallas for a 4 day weekend to surprise my man for his birthday🎉❤ it was glorious 🙌

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