What to Expect for August 11th-18th

From the 11th to the 18th, we have reached THE END of some part of our lives as we move into our next chapters. This shift can have us parting ways with people, places and/or things.

Whatever/whoever is leaving your space at this time, will be replaced by something or someone much better aligned for you energetically.

This is a turning point where you can see things from a new perspective. For instance, you may suddenly see that someone isn’t your friend or where you live isn’t right for you. Perhaps your job isn’t making you happy etc.

We must resonate with those around us because we need the love and support. Those who can’t go forward with us will simply go their own way. They’ve probably been pushing you out for some time now or you to them, it’s just that now it’s reached its culmination point.

Remember that we are all on our own journeys and some things fit while others don’t. We must allow for what’s in our best interest to find us by letting go of what no longer serves our highest and best good.

While endings can be highly emotional, what doesn’t work will just simply fall away. Keep in mind that endings always lead to brand new beginnings. And that will start at the turn of the New Moon on the 18th.

Photo courtesy of Roger Bradshaw on Unsplash.

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      1. Absolutely, I woke up Friday and Saturday feeling like my entire being had taken a deep breath, like I had reached a mountaintop. I participated in a very powerful breathwork ceremony for Lions Gate and oh boy was it empowering. I can really feel things shifting into a much more stable place for me and all the hard work I’ve done over these past few months is coming to fruition. I recently wrote a poem about it called, “Waves of change” I will be writing a post later😉

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      2. Looking forward to your next poem.💖 I too felt the shift from the Lions Gate but it was 24 hours later. It’s definitely empowering that’s for certain. I felt that stability as well and things suddenly became crystal clear. I’m glad things are really taking shape for you…it sounds like you’ve found your inner peace. 💓🌟

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