Did anyone else notice the healing energy that stepped in mid week? If there was something going on, perhaps you had an argument with someone or were unhappy with someone in some way…it sort of magically dissipated.

We truly are in magical times.

Yet I also keep seeing JUSTICE. I had briefly spoken about it in my Mid July update. This also happens to be the theme for the month on the Tarot calendar that I had just received last week. It says:

“Ready or not, for good or ill, it is time to face the consequences of your actions. Justice is served to all, even if not always in the time or way that we prefer.”

So there are great healing opportunities that occur with justice. And when you keep an open mind, things can and do correct themselves but often not in a way that we anticipate. I’ve seen this happen on many occasions.

When someone around you is involved in some sort of drama and you want to set them straight, I can offer this advice…ask your guides for help and step away from the situation. Then wait and see what happens. You just may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Justice will be coming into play for those who’s intentions and actions have been misguided as well. I keep seeing a karmic boomerang coming in. This helps level the playing field.

Justice can also make something that appears “wrong” right. It can turn a perspective around. Serving the consequences of your actions can be karmic but it can also be the rewards of a job well done. Justice can bring balance into your life as it also offers you truth and fairness.

As we move into the month of August, you’re likely to start to see justice take on a much bigger role both personally and globally. This will be another theme going forward. So pay close attention to the choices that you are making because with justice hanging around, you never know how things will turn out.

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  1. I 100% feel this too which is extra layered magic as I hold my healing sessions. I agree we are in a sweeter spot than the last previous months and it’s going to get a lot better in August as these energies marry and marinate 💗

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