While I was out walking over the weekend, I noticed the local high school was holding a graduation ceremony. This is highly symbolic of what’s going on behind the scenes and with the bigger picture.

You see we are all entering our own graduation into the next level of our lives. That means we are writing new chapters for ourselves. What does your next chapter in the book of life look like?

Graduations mean two things… something is ending and something new is beginning. This is creating disconnects to some of those around you. Whoever is not moving forward with you will ultimately leave your space in some way.

Some of these endings aren’t pretty as the energy is ripe for you to speak your mind. When you do, the other person may not like what they hear. And that has to do with their own journey.

This is all part of the “inner house cleaning” we are doing that I mentioned in my What to Expect May 31 – August 31, 2020 post.

What stays, what goes? What do we believe in and what don’t we believe in? Who supports us and who doesn’t? It’s time to let go of everything that keeps us disconnected.

This time has been about reconnecting with our truth at the core of our beings. Who we are now is likely vastly different from who we were even a month ago.

This can cause sadness and feeling defeated in some way. Perhaps you thought things would turn out differently. Perhaps you thought certain people would stay for the duration. Perhaps you held certain beliefs about outcomes.

In a nutshell, whatever truly isn’t working for you is practically going to explode out of you and force you to change something. Or at the very least, it’s going to force you to face the truth of the situation.

But we are moving through to the next level courtesy of our graduation from now until the first week in August.

As for right now, we are in the energy of the New Moon on Monday the 20th. This is a time where new beginnings are possible. So set your intentions for what you want to create and be open to how you receive it because we’ve just entered a magical doorway where anything is possible. 💖

Photo courtesy of Vasily Koloda on Unsplash.

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