Mid July update

Those that began their spiritual journeys around the 1999-2001 timeframe are now starting to emerge on the scene with new ideas, knowledge, projects and revelations. You will see a lot more from them over the coming months and definitely into 2021. While some of those that have been center stage will now move on to other things.

I’m also getting the sense that with this shift in players, justice will be coming into play for those who’s intentions and actions have been misguided. I keep seeing a karmic boomerang coming in. This helps level the playing field. It also brings with it an opportunity for healing and balance.

At this time many people are facing this turning point of putting love back into their hearts and their lives. It’s a game changer!! 💞

I’ve also noticed that things are finally starting to break free so expect the unexpected. Expect great rewards. Expect something great for yourself. Expect to be surprised in a good way. From now through this September what hasn’t been working will start to shift in some way. So get ready…it’s “moving on” season…are you ready?

Photo courtesy of Sang Hyun Cho on Pixabay.

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