Spirit and the incoming changes

It seems that Spirit has been busy in the last 24-48 hours. If you’re thinking of a loved one that has passed, they are letting you know that they are here supporting you. Or perhaps something surrounding their passing needs to be healed within you.

They are also stepping up their game in assisting us to get to the next level of our lives….the next chapter as I believe we are at a major turning point.

In my experience, Spirit shows up when various events take place…holidays, birthdays, births, etc. and any time you’re experiencing a significant event in your life.

Speaking of significant events, the energy coming through now is one of love. It’s bringing us back to our core where we realize what’s truly important to us. What things did we love doing before and stopped for whatever reason?

Today, I was walking barefoot in fresh cut grass remembering how I used to love to sit out in the backyard, in the grass, under a tree while staring at the sky. It’s where I’d just sit and listen to the birds singing watching the clouds…being in the moment.

Not long after I started realizing what I used to do that I enjoyed…I got stung by a bee under my foot because I stepped on him. 😳 This is why I stopped walking barefoot in the grass to begin with because one of the last times I did I got stung and my foot swelled up. So the fear of being stung again stopped me from doing something I enjoyed.

This time it didn’t swell, thank goodness because I was 20+ minutes from home. But the lesson in it all was about going back to doing what I loved, getting back to basics and getting past any fear surrounding it.

I’ve also had various epiphanies over the last several days. I now realize that the Tower card that I spoke of in my What to Expect in July 2020 report is bringing us back to our roots. To what makes us happy. To what we love. To what delivers us back to those moments of joy. To the things that ground us and make us whole.

It has nothing to do with anyone else but ourselves. So whatever is showing up for you, you’re likely saying to yourself, “I used to love doing that“.

Take notes about these little tidbits from the past that are popping up because you’re going to want to do them again. It’s time that we got back to doing the things we love and enjoy. Because going forward, this is important to who we are. And that’s why Spirit is showing up, because this is a big step for us and they are cheering us on.

Photo courtesy of Ann Danilina on Unsplash.

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  1. I completely agree with you on this! I have been really feeling my Nana’s strong presence lately. You and I have commented on my recent post and since Saturday I have felt a very welcome and overwhelming sense of calm and peace. We are being pushed to better places for sure and as always Spirit has our backs🙏

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