What to expect in July 2020

This month as I shuffled my Tarot cards, seven cards came flying out. So let’s get started.


KNIGHT OF PENTACLES – here we are looking ahead into the month and observing how best to approach things; especially as it relates to career, our possessions and finances. Perhaps there’s an offer of good and unexpected news on the horizon.

6 OF WANDS REVERSED – this card indicates delays in our success; something is being postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. It’s likely a blessing in disguise. You’ll find that your ideas aren’t going according to plan. Perhaps you’ve had trouble trying to get anything to stick. There’s a reason.

9 OF SWORDS REVERSED – we like this card reversed because it indicates that there’s no more pain, no more sleepless nights worrying. The darkness is passing. Hope is returning.

THE TOWER – expect the unexpected; expect things to get shaken up around the middle of the month. This is a necessary change with a surprise that can change your entire outlook. There’s also a lesson to be learned.

5 OF PENTACLES REVERSED – perhaps you’ve felt left out in the cold with your finances before. Ah but alas, things are starting to turn around. There’s new courage and hope. Perhaps there’s a new job on the horizon or a new source of income.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS REVERSED – this is a card that is trying to teach you to use your intuition. You have immense gifts that you’re not utilizing. You may be stifling your own energy. You need to learn to trust that you hold the answers within you.

3 OF CUPS – it’s time for a celebration as there are great things ahead


As we head into July, we are observing what lies ahead. Success comes in various ways. But we must learn to let go of the outcomes because things don’t always go according to plan.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a hard time getting things to stick in my own life lately. Having said that, there’s often a different plan in place so we must learn to go with the flow and accept our present realities.

As we do that, the darkness that lies over us moves away and new opportunities come from having a mind that’s open and ready to embrace something new. Something outside of the realm of our thoughts.

The Tower card will show us that come the middle of the month, there’s going to be a shakeup of some sort. Often it’s something you hadn’t planned for and it can completely change your outlook on things including the path you were traveling on.

Not surprising that this card showed up right around the time the planet Mercury goes direct on the 12th. Yet it’s unleashing some very new opportunities. Perhaps a new job offer or a new source of income shows up. I definitely see that the Tower will unleash a newness in your life that will give you new hope and courage.

Yet the other lesson in July is learning to trust that you hold the answers within. Instead of dismissing it saying “nah that can’t be accurate”, embrace it and trust what it’s telling you. Learn to use how you feel about things as your guide to your next steps.

Because if you do, when this month is over, there will be plenty to celebrate. Just because life can get turned on it’s head, doesn’t make it a bad thing. It makes it a necessary change.

And that Tower card really holds the key to unlocking your potentials this month, especially as it relates to career, possessions and finances. So go into July with your head held high because if you wanted change…you’re about to get it.


Dates I’m watching for energetic activity, like light downloads, planetary activity, etc…

July 4th, 6th, 11th, 14-15th, 22nd, 27th and 31st.

On or around these dates you can expect your truth to bubble up to the surface. You may also notice other people’s truths and truths from out in the world.

Your truth has to do with your current reality. It can be about something you’ve hidden from yourself. It can be something you haven’t thought about in a long time. It could be something from your childhood or even a past life.

Simply allow whatever is showing up to show itself to you. And instead of shoving it back down, face it and see it for what it is. Dealing with the raw emotions head on is the only way to heal. Because you simply can’t take that excess with you going forward. Time to let things go.

By the way, I find it rather interesting that we’ve got a lunar eclipse happening on July 4-5th (depending on your location and time zone) on Independence Day in the United States. You can read more about that here.

As always I will be posting updates throughout the month. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and MeWe.

Have a great month! ♥️

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  1. I read tarot too! I also have a spirit animal and archangel deck that I work with a lot. I find it fascinating how Spirit communicates with us in this way. I too have those dates you mentioned highlighted for cosmos interplay into our lives. I feel we’re turning a real corner as a collective. Happy July😊 ✨🎆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Which spirit animal deck do you have? I love the info I get reading them. Yes I believe we are. I didn’t mention this in my post but I feel like July is the start of a second new year. Though I’m not making any resolutions, especially with that Tower card floating around. Lol 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha I love that you admitted that because I do too!! I’ve spent all day consulting my cards, reading a few other Astrological articles and consulting with a few friends who are professional astrologists. I have a deck by Steven D. Farmer and they are simple and sweet. They feel wonderful in your hands to shuffle too. My Archangel deck is by Radleigh Valentine. Beautifully drawn and super magical😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh nice! I have Radleigh’s deck as well. I love the messages but the deck is so big in my hands that I’ve divided them up by Archangel. Then I get a vibe on which Archangel pile to use unless I need a major arcana.


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