What our dreams reveal

Pay attention to your dreams as they can be quite revealing. They show us many things…who we’re connected to, what we’re afraid of and what we need to do next.

When people show up in our dreams it’s often about a lesson of some sort…theirs and ours. Sometimes we’re teaching others and sometimes they’re teaching us.

If you’ve ever seen yourself sitting in a classroom, you’re in the process of learning something very valuable. But if you’re teaching a class, then your teaching others important information because you possess that knowledge.

Pay attention to the details of the dream. Perhaps you’re in a car with others. Who’s driving? Who’s in the passenger seat? Who’s in the backseat? These are clues to who’s teaching and who’s learning.

What happens while driving is another clue to what’s going on. If you’re sliding down a snowy and icy hill and you have no control of the car…how does that relate to what’s happening in your life? Yes, you may be driving the car but perhaps fate has intervened. Or maybe you’ve taken the long way around.

If someone other than you is driving it can mean that this person is driving the car in their own life. Perhaps you’re teaching them how to “take the wheel”. Sometimes you’ll see people asleep at the wheel. That simply means that they haven’t awakened on their journey yet.

I’ve also learned that people that have been part of my soul group tend to show up a lot as we all work on our lessons in tandem with each other. Meaning…we evolve as a group going forward even though we’re learning different lessons. So if you’re wondering why the same people keep showing up, even if they’re not in your personal life, that is why.

In dreams, we often tend to work things out especially if we’re afraid of something. Our biggest fears can suddenly be resolved as we sleep. That’s how we get answers to our everyday problems. That’s also why I like to sleep on it before making any decisions because I know I may have a different perspective in the morning.

This is often why we wake up at 3 am feeling like we need to do something or why we feel so anxious. It’s because the body is trying to resolve and process the situation on more than one level.

It’s a great idea to always have a notebook next to your bed to jot down what you remember…even if it’s just a tidbit of information, it may come in handy later on.

We also can receive insight with new ideas upon awaking, we can receive an answer to a question we’ve been pondering and we can know what our next step is. Many more reasons to take notes.

If you can’t remember your dreams, try a dream catcher. And ask your Angels to help you remember your dreams before you fall sleep. Just because you can’t remember them doesn’t mean there is nothing happening.

Dreams can reveal so much about our lives. This is a time where our filters are shut off. A time where our beliefs as humans aren’t getting in the way. It’s a time when our spirit can be free to receive openly without distractions. This is the reason why our loved ones on the other side often make first contact while we sleep.

It’s a time where we can travel to a previous life to see the karma involved. A time where a previous choice becomes clear. It can show us what’s coming up and with whom. It can also serve as a heads up or a warning. It can show us who belongs in our lives and who doesn’t.

It’s a time where we connect with others for any number of reasons because we are all energetically connected. It’s a lot like the internet…everyone is connected via one source. You could be learning a lesson in your life while living in Turkey and connect with someone assisting you with that lesson living in Canada…all while you sleep.

As you can see, dreams are an important tool that everyone can utilize. That’s why it’s so important that you take notes once you awaken so that you don’t forget. And it’s something that you’ll be able to look back on six months from now. Because if it doesn’t make sense now, it likely will later on because dreams can reveal important information.

Photo courtesy of Megan Thomas on Unsplash.

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  1. I used to be a very vivid dreamer. In the past couple of years I started to not remember them, like I wasn’t dreaming anymore. Lately however, I’m dreaming again. I have moved and I feel this has something to do with it. I used to even consult my trusty dream dictionary and your post here has inspired me to start trying to write my dreams down upon awakening before I forget them. I love that I’ve started to dream again😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you’re dreaming again. The move may have played a factor…perhaps you’re more relaxed now. Although I often go through periods of time where I don’t remember my dreams. I feel as though we know when we need to. But as I’ve learned, stress also appears to be a culprit in not remembering, especially if it causes disruptions in sleep. Happy journaling 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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