Where we are in our personal evolution

Seeing this baby blue jay today made me realize where we are in the process of our personal evolution. You see this little bird was sitting on the sidewalk all by itself sleeping. As soon as I saw him my compassion instincts kicked in. Let’s be honest, I just wanted to pick him up and hold him and give him love.

Instead, I looked up at the tree above our heads to see if perhaps he fell out of a nest. While I did see a nest, I didn’t see a way of getting him back in it. I also know that sometimes we shouldn’t touch them as some birds can become abandoned because of it.

Momentarily I felt absolutely helpless, I had no idea what to do (many of you might feel this way right now in your own life). So I said to my Angels, “What do I do?”

I immediately heard momma blue jay come swooping in as she squawked at me. Instantly I knew that I had to walk away and allow his mother to take care of him. All while praying to keep this baby bird safe.

When I returned after my walk was completed, the baby bird was gone. Either he flew away, walked on his own or momma blue jay took him for additional training.

As a side note, blue jays swoop in when we need to speak our truth. If you notice, these are not quiet birds, they are very vocal. They are also connected to the throat chakra.

Blue jays know how to defend their territory. When a predator approaches, they will send out a warning to others. They know how to get your attention. But they also represent protection…letting you know that it’s ok to say what’s on your mind. This animal totem often follows writers and speakers.

How does this relate to the time that we are in? Many of you have likely heard our process being described as “birthing”. If we use that analogy, we have birthed something new in our lives. The new has officially come out of the womb or in this case, probably fell out of the nest ready to fly but not knowing how to quite yet.

So with the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde holding us back temporarily, we are getting ready to take off flying. I feel as though August to September will be important months in that regard.

The question is…will we fly? Will we walk as we get ready to fly? Or will we need additional training? Either way, the next step is coming and it’s an important one. Even if you need additional training, you’re going to fly at some point. And that’s where we are…getting ready to fly after this much needed time of rest.

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  1. I do love this story! The blue Jay, which I told you I feel is my Nana and I were at my pool a few weeks ago and an iguana came crawling across the fence too near her. Well, she pecked and squawked chasing it off and into a near by bush. It was fascinating to watch! I’m so intrigued by them. I live on a lake and I joke with my son that we have a front tow seat to wild kingdom. We see so many different species of birds it’s incredible, I love it! I feel I was a bird in one of my past lives😉

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