What to expect in June 2020

I had to wait a few days to write the forecast for June because of the major shift we just went through on May 31st. Energetically speaking May has been a rough month. June looks to be brighter but we’ll still have our share of energy light downloads.

Since I’m a very visual person, I often like to use the Tarot cards to deliver insight into forecasts for the month. Also when I pull cards, I often find dual messages…both for who I’m reading for and for myself.

The Tarot cards are a great tool to give insight into important matters. They can show you areas that need work and give you hope when times are tough. But most importantly, they are simply another way for your guides to speak to you.

What do you need to know for the month of June? Here I’ll explain the cards and then sum it all up afterwards…


The first card out is the 10 OF WANDS REVERSED. This card indicates a need to let go of all your ideas and your burdens. But it also indicates that you are finally ready to let it all go.

THE SUN is a card of success. I find that this card also represents the light that shines within you. There is growth and forward movement. Yet the lesson here is to simply shine your light as this is what brings you happiness and joy. There’s a sense of freedom when you’ve got nothing to hide.

The 6 OF CUPS has a connection to the past. But what I’m seeing is that there is an offer coming…a gift of some sort. Unlike the 4 of cups which normally indicates that you’re not happy with the offers being presented, this card shows that the offer is one of peace, love and hope. There is so much potential as you can see by the growth within the cups.

The 8 OF PENTACLES shows that you’ve worked hard and are almost done. You’ve earned your rewards which will show up rather quickly now. You’ve recognized your talents and are well aware of your need to continue learning and growing.

The 2 OF SWORDS can look rather ominous with the idea that you might be “blinded”. But in reality, the new moon is in the background and now is a good time to make a new choice. While this could be an emotional time in your life…you need to make a decision one way or another so that you can remove the blindfold.

The 6 OF WANDS is another card of success. It’s about a victory after going through some tough times. If you’re traveling or planning to travel it’s also a reassurance that you’re journey will be successful.


Looking at all of the cards I see the message for June is clear….forward movement is imminent. But you need to let go of how you think things should turn out. Allow for things to unfold naturally. If you hold onto certain beliefs or ideas it can burden and overwhelm you and there’s a chance that you’ll get stuck. Practice letting go.

I feel the energy of June will also help you and give you the strength and courage to drop what no longer needs to be with you as you go through out the month. Let go of the burdens, beliefs and ideas that are no longer part of who you are. You are ready for this.

Part of the journey of letting go allows you to be more transparent. It helps you to shine your light brightly into the world as you release whatever has been blocking that light. Then you’re free…free to move forward without any encumbrances. And that’s the lesson…knowing that you are supposed to be happy and that life is meant to be enjoyed.

There’s been a lot of hard work and effort put in and there’s likely an offer or a gift, perhaps multiple offers or gifts, forthcoming. Perhaps there’s a financial reward or recognition coming. Maybe a new job or career is in order. Whatever the new is bringing you is aligning with your higher purpose.

But you need to make a decision about what direction you want to go in. You can no longer sit on the fence. Know that you can succeed and that there is nothing to be afraid of. Once you make a choice, you will be able to see “clearly” again.

June has success written all over it if you’re willing to shine your light into this world. That means making choices from the heart, a theme carried over from May. There’s also a tremendous amount of help from your Angels and guides.

Everyone has a role to play. Everyone is moving forward. Everyone has the potential to manifest new opportunities in their lives. So free yourself of your burdens and choose to be happy. Make choices that bring you joy. Take steps that make your heart sing. Take a chance on happiness because you can be successful. You’ve earned it. ♥️


The dates I’m watching in June for energetic activity is the 6th, 11th, 16th, 22nd and the 26th. On these dates there will be light permeating the earth. This means that we will be more aware of our truths from within, from those around us and from out in the world. These dates are also likely effected by other factors such as planetary alignments like eclipses and the summer solstice.

These are high energy dates and you may find the energy to be tough to handle. It can cause you to be extremely tired or wired. You may suffer from insomnia or sleep more. You may have more aches and pains. If these symptoms persist, please seek out professional care.

Know that I will be posting updates as we go along on social media. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and MeWe.

Have a great month! ♥️

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