Theme for 2020 and beyond

Something jumped out at me recently…SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. That’s what we need to think about going forward. So what isn’t sustainable in our lives is going to get released in some way. It will fall apart…sometimes easily and quietly, other times very loudly.

Whatever is falling apart in your life or disintegrating right before your very eyes no longer belongs there because it’s not sustainable in the long term. This applies to people, places and situations. And not only for you but for those around you and out in the world.

Any situations that you have been involved in that aren’t cosmically right in some way, will change…it has to because it’s not sustainable. Do you see where I’m going with this?

So for example, if where you live is no longer a good match for you energetically, especially if there are problems or issues at hand, you will get released from there. This is great if you’ve wanted to move for a while and haven’t been able to for any number of reasons. The most likely reason is because you’ve been stuck in place holding light for your community.

Starting over the next three months and beyond, there will start to be some dramatic shifting taking place. You may move the next town over, out of state or perhaps to a new country. You may find sudden career changes or opportunities that you’ve longed for come about.

You may resolve a health issue, or start a new regime to regain your health back. You may find answers to unsolved questions. And you may see justice served in ways you didn’t think possible.

Again, it’s all about what’s sustainable going forward. Events will unfold to expose corruption, greed and anything not above board beyond the truth of what you already know. When they say that the light shines on the dark…that is the truth. For darkness is not part of a sustainable future, only light is.

Now you can understand why we get pummeled with light, not only for ourselves but for the world around us. The truth comes out no matter what. You see it through your own filters until those filters are removed. Again…all in the name of what’s sustainable. And that’s our theme for 2020 and beyond.

Photo courtesy of Noah Buscher at Unsplash.

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