Side effects of the energy ups and downs

With the massive amount of energy in motion over the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed a tendency to bump into things, drop things and feel a bit spacey as if you’re here but you’re not. Out of body experiences may be happening as well.

These are side effects of the ups and downs of the energy. The only way to navigate through is to laugh at yourself. While I often hit my head on my fridge as I take out something from the bottom drawer or a cabinet door in the kitchen, it’s because we are off balance…energetically. It just means that the physical body has some catching up to do.

Remember when you were a kid spinning around on a merry-go-round? Or maybe you had someone spinning you around in circles? Once you try to walk after being in the spinning motion, you lose your balance, your feet stumble and you feel dizzy. But after the motion stops, you can walk again. It’s just like that.

So try to go with the flow. Any bumps and bruises can also be a reminder to stay present as best as you can. I’ve also noticed increased joint pain and more food intolerances. If you’re not someone that normally reacts to food, either it’s another side effect of the current energy…OR going forward that food may not be healthy for your body. Take notes and see what happens.

As always, we are moving forward regardless of what it looks like out there. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and MeWe for updates.

Photo courtesy of scross2601 on Pixabay.

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