What’s going on with the energy for 5-13-2020

Even though the energy is really difficult right now, there is a reason for it. The back to back downloads we received over the weekend are there to push our truths out.

Now mix in that energy with the energy in the collective…which is anxiety, frustration, sick and tired of status quo, losing hope, giving up and more. That’s a pretty volatile atmosphere.

The hardest part in all of this is having faith that things will turn out ok. Sometimes things appear so upside down when in fact they’re perfectly aligned with your journey.

Yet at the same time there’s a definite push to do something. Whether it’s a step you need to take or something you need to say. It’s time to stop holding your truth hostage. It’s time to say what’s on your mind and move forward.

Something that became crystal clear to me was the fact that a lot of this is to get us out of our own way. When we aren’t hindering the forward progress that the Universe is trying to give us, then we can be open to new ideas AND be able to receive them. It’s at that point that we can begin to take steps forward as we start to see new perspectives.

Part of that letting go process is releasing ourselves from certain expectations and outcomes. Staying glued to a certain way of being closes you off to new potentials. So when things go sideways…grieve, be mad, yell at the Universe. But then ask your guides and Angels for help, ask for clarity and sleep on it.

Let me also add, that for those who are taking steps forward, there is synchronicity happening. I’m finding that what you need can show up very easily, because it was meant for you. This is highly encouraging especially at this time.

So try not to get discouraged as things don’t often turn out as we want them to or planned, but they turn out in everyone’s best interest. Remember there is ALWAYS a much bigger plan in play. And this energy will begin to settle down in the coming days.

Photo courtesy of Belinda Fewings on Unsplash.

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