The need to be free

Something I’ve found in this challenging week is the need to be free. Free from the old, free to move forward, free of certain circumstances. This is playing out in the collective. So ask yourself…what does freedom look like to you?

Have you been bound to others wishes for you? Have you taken on others dreams as your own? Have you done things in order to please others? Are you afraid of losing others by going your own way? What is it right now that is staring you square in the eye that says, “This has to change?

What decision have you been putting off that is now a necessity? What fears are scrambling around to keep you stuck in place? What are you so overly tired of doing? What have you sacrificed? What feels as though you’re being pushed out of?

Outdated beliefs are showing up strongly at this time and I can tell you that it’s time to focus on YOUR own needs. What will make YOU happy? What will help you to be creative again? What brings you joy…I’m talking the “get up and dance” kind of joy?

What is it that when you mention something, whether you believe it’s possible or not, lights you up on the inside? That is a clue to what you need. So pay attention to those little moments where joy shows up. And take notes of signs from your guides.

Also take notes of when something feels like you’ve just been punched in the gut. That’s a sign that this might not be for you.

Signs can jump out at you in conversations, repeated words…even in songs, on vehicles, billboards, commercials and from others. Your Angels are working to get your attention so invite them in. Ask them for their guidance and know that they will deliver.

In 2020, the process to really delve deep and get to your truth has become a priority. For in truth there is love…love of thy self, love of life. In love there is light. In light there is peace. And all of that is desperately needed on the planet, not just now, but for always. So do what makes you happy because you need to finally be free.

Photo courtesy of Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash.

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