Assistance from our ancestors

I’ve got to tell you…our ancestors on the other side are working overtime. So if you’ve had a memory of someone over the last few days, or anytime for that matter, it’s them saying hi AND they are feeding us information for our journeys.

You see our loved ones can see what’s coming up for us. They are like our personal cheerleading squad. Sometimes they can act as a guide for us along with Angels and Ascended Masters. When they do, they can send us tidbits of things they know about.

For instance, my grandfather who I was really close to, had invested some of his money that earned him dividend payments. He has been showing me some ways on how to invest wisely because he knows that I was thinking about the long term.

While he wasn’t a millionaire, he was in fact comfortable in his retirement. He’s also the one who gave me the idea to start investing in my future. From there a friend of mine got me interested in stocks and now a whole new world has opened up for me.

Now you see that they feed us intel, they can influence others as well to help out and before you know it you’ve started on a new adventure.

While many people may say that the “veil is thin” between the worlds, the truth is that we’ve raised our energetic frequency enough for easier communication between the worlds. Now we can work in tandem to accomplish our goals and continue on our missions. It’s a collaborative effort.

So you see, we were put here to succeed and there are plenty of resources at our disposal. So don’t discount any pieces of information or thoughts or ideas because one thing always leads to another especially as we receive assistance from our ancestors.

And as I’ve mentioned in other posts, the Universe IS moving forward with its plan regardless of what’s going on in the world around us. We are simply along for the ride.

Photo courtesy of Pam Simon on Pixabay.

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