It’s hard to be nice

Sometimes its hard to be nice when life hands you circumstances outside of your control. This has been strong in the last 24-48 hours. A lot of stuff coming up that we are all looking at. So go easy on yourself. Know that it’s ok to feel “not nice“.

But it’s also about what you do with those feelings. Do you give up and quit? Perhaps for a time until you feel like engaging again. You’ve got to process the feelings and face what’s coming up…that’s the only way through. But you also need to honor how you feel.

We’ve been programmed into thinking that we have to be nice all of the time. But we are human dealing with a lot of factors at any given moment. Today you may not feel like talking to anyone. Tomorrow you might want to talk to everyone. And that’s perfectly normal considering the times we are in.

But we must learn to take time outs when we need them. We must practice self care now more than ever. This is a message that is being reiterated throughout the spiritual community. It’s because we all know that this is important to our growth and our healing.

So what can you do when you’re feeling “not nice“? Get outside and ground your energy for starters. Connect with nature by getting some sunshine and fresh air. Try walking barefoot in the grass. Take a nap. Take a hot epsom salt bath. Read a book, go for a walk. Shut off the phone, the news and the noise. Just be mindful of things and people that aggravate you right now and simply lay low. If this persists, be sure to contact a professional for additional help.

We are being literally pummeled with light from the Universe and as such a lot of inner “dirt” gets kicked around….not just in us but in everyone. Sometimes the energy we take in has more to do with the collective versus ourselves. So it’s helpful to know where you are in terms of your own healing.

Either way, taking time for yourself and practicing self care is especially important. Know when you’ve had enough and need down time. This energy will lift and it’ll feel lighter again until the next round comes in to thrust us forward again. Because that’s what this is about…moving us forward so that we can move into the roles that we came here to do.

Photo courtesy of Myles Tan on Unsplash.

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