The violet flame

Today happens to be one of the dates in April that I was watching for some energetic activity. As it turns out, I felt the need to take a bath in the middle of the day. Fortunately, it’s raining here so I was on board with it.

Once in the tub I was instructed to close my eyes NOW. My guides can be very demanding. At first, I saw all of these shapes that resembled mandalas and then I had a visit from Jesus. He is the one that I channel most often. He knows I’m not a new age kind of woman and that my messages need to be in layman’s terms.

Having said that, he filled my tub water with the violet flame and sealed it with white light. Also present was Mother Mary and Saint Germain. As the violet flame washed through me, I saw it spread out through the country, to other countries and then fully engulf the planet. Which was also sealed in white light.

The violet flame washed away negativity, karma, old beliefs, doubts and fears. It offers a new clean slate. The white light was used to protect it and keep it in place. It became abundantly clear that the evil and darkness present in this world has been officially put on notice, whether it’s realized or not.

You no longer need to worry about whether we’ll win this battle or not because this time, it was designed for success. This time you are backed by the heavens above. This time you have many resources at your disposal.

The goal, as it has been all along, has been about bringing peace back to Earth. The way that you do that is through the actions of love. So for every step that you take and every decision that you make that comes from a place in your heart…helps the entire planet achieve it’s goals.

So if you’ve seen the violet flame and/or the white light today or in any days that follow, then you now know why. For the Universe is moving forward with its plan regardless of what’s happening in the world around you and you are part of that plan. This is why you’re here.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Le at Unsplash.

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