Dates to watch in 2020

Dates that I keep seeing for 2020…first it was 1/31 now it’s 5/31, 8/31, 10/31 and 12/31.

On 1/31 a public health emergency was declared for the United States for the corona virus and travel was restricted from China.

To be quite honest, I’ve noticed changes in some people that I knew weren’t even open to a new level of thinking. I’ve seen people do 180’s since 1/31. So it’s crystal clear to me that there is A LOT of work going on behind the scenes.

The rest of the dates are likely turning points in consciousness. This means that on that date there will be a trigger of some sort that will help humanity push forward on some level. Truths become known whether it’s your truth, truth from those around you or truth from out in the world.

You must remember that the Universe continues with its plan of moving forward regardless of what’s going on in the world. Enlightenment happens right on schedule.

Photo courtesy of tigerlily713 on Pixabay.

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