More insight on the next energy download coming through for April 22nd

When this line of rain moved through and the wind speed really kicked up, I was reminded about how powerful this next energy shift on Earth Day is going to be. Not only will it usher in courage as previously mentioned, but it can kick up a lot of your inner “dirt” as well.

That “dirt” being your fears, times you felt guilty, regrets, how you feel about yourself, outdated beliefs, generational conditioning and more. But I am also reminded that no matter what happens it too will pass.

Some people are going to really feel their soul purpose shining through in the next 36 hours. So be on the lookout for that thought that makes you incredibly happy or an idea that makes you giddy with joy. Or that “Aha” moment that brings a smile to your face.

You’re going to feel it as if you’re already immersed in it…even if it’s momentarily. This is what it feels like to be living in a higher frequency, one that resonates and is aligned with your true calling.

You’re getting a glimpse of what’s to come over the months ahead and into the next few years. So take notes because you’ll want to remember what’s showing itself now.

Have the courage to say “Yes” to the new that’s trying to come in. Be strong in your personal boundaries and say “No” to that which no longer serves a purpose and has run its course.

You’ve got this! 😊

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