April 22nd energetic action

The next date I’m watching for some energetic action is the 22nd. This one is going to pack a one-two punch in the courageous department. It’s going to help you finally do something to change your life around. Because you’re simply not going to take it anymore.

Now this can show up in various ways…one of the conversations that I was privy to had this woman kicking out her man once and for all. She finally said enough is enough. She finally said no more. Even while he pleaded with her, she cut him off and told him to “pack his s**t”. Good for her!

This energy coming through on Wednesday means business. So take a good look around and ask yourself, “What am I completely done with?” Then see how this unravels in the next few days.

It’s going to be interesting for sure especially now as people are pulling in the reigns, taking back their power in their own lives and beginning to move forward with a sense of purpose. Whatever stands in the way of that purpose, well…you’ll have help removing it. That’s what this next wave of energy is all about.

Photo courtesy of Public Co on Pixabay.

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