Dates to watch in April

Dates I’m watching this month: April 11, 18, 22 and 30th including the 24 hours afterwards.

These dates are likely when we will receive extra light from the Universe. This means that new ideas, new perspectives and truth will emerge…be it your own truth, truth from those around you and/or truth from out in the world.

Based on my observations and experiences, these dates can get bumpy and heavy energy wise. Although sometimes the energy can have you feeling like you’re wired for sound…which is how I’ve been all day today. That means tomorrow, the 11th, is going to be extra special considering it’s a “411” day.

For those old enough to remember, in order to get someone’s phone number, we used to be able to dial 411, aka “information”, from our home phones. The operater would then give you the number and then patch you through.

The light we receive is just like that whereas the Universe is the “operator” that patches you through to some exciting and likely transforming “information”. All because the light shines on the dark thereby revealing what is hidden which shows up as a truth. Many call this the “lifting of the veils“.

Potentially, on any of these dates, you could feel miserable on the 11th and quite the opposite on the 12th, or vice versa, as your body processes the incoming light and grounds it. It really depends where you are on your journey. Some might feel it for days and others might not even notice that anything is going on.

If you’re extra sensitive to the energies, you’ll want to keep an eye on these time-frames. And take notes because sometimes information comes in at lightening speed and it can be difficult to remember later on. Plus you’ll be able to make sense of why you’re feeling the way you do.

Photo courtesy of Mike Meyers on Unsplash.

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