“…this virus is not your illness.”

From Brenda Hoffman’s blog, You’re Not Part of This, Unless You Want to Be

…this virus is not your illness. It is the design of those just awakening. Not as a personal punishment, but instead as a way to quickly move earth in directions not thought possible a few weeks ago.

This explains why I can see “bubbles” around some people filled with white light while the CORVID19 literally bounces off the bubble.

Those with these bubbles are awake on some level, hence the white light. Those without the bubbles simply haven’t reached their time on their path to awaken yet.

And what does awaken mean anyways? It means that on some level you have become aware of something bigger than yourself. It’s like going into a dark room. At first you can’t see but as you allow your eyes to adjust you can begin to see what’s in the room…and who’s there too.

It’s a process that one goes through in order to begin to see their own truth. It helps you evaluate what you truly believe in and what you don’t. And sometimes it takes an illness to begin or move that process along.

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